Welcome to Neosho Fiberglass Inc.

Home of Starlight Motorcycle Trailers. We specialize in motorcycle trailers and accessories with a wide and flexible selection of options for every style and budget. We also offer RoadSmith And InstaTrike Trike conversion kits. In business since 1968.

Our trailers are wired specifically for motorcycles. We use a five (5) wire system. You do not need a converter. All lighting has been tested at the factory prior to delivery. We suggest you test all the lighting system to your female terminal (on your motorcycle) with a tester before plugging into the male terminal attached to the trailer.
It is essential the motorcycle be wired correctly before plugging into the trailer system. Incorrect wiring can blow fuses on your motorcycle. Blown fuses are an indicator of a problem. Wiring diagrams will be provided when you pick up your trailer. Check out our quick reference chart.