For normal care: Wash then polish. We recommend using the “Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish” on a regular basis to help clean, polish, and protect your trailer body.

If the fiberglass has a dullfinish it can be buffed to a good shine by using the following steps. (Do not use this procedure for a painted trailer.)

  1. Wet sand, lightly, with 1000-2000 grit sandpaper.
  2. Use a good buffing compound, such as 3M buffing compound. Use mostely in the area needed. If, you use a buffer/polisher keep moving during the buffing process. Staying in one area for a prolonged period of time can over heat and possibly damage the finish.
  3. After wax build up has been removed apply 3M glaze to a clean buffing pad and buff. Keep the polisher moving as in Step #2.
  4. Repeat process if needed.

This can be done by hand, however, a good buffer/polisher can cut the work time substantially.

  • When loading keep heavy items spaced equally between wheels.
  • Keep the load sung (soft luggage/duffle bags are helpful).
  • Tongue weight should never exceed 40 to 44 lbs.
  • Use care when strapping anything to the top. Avoid over-width or over-loading.
  • Check your coupler and check to see it is fastened securely.
  • Secure your safety chains (always use your safety chains).
  • Check your tires and tire pressure.
  • DO NOT OVERLOAD the trailer. Check for maximum weight limits.
  • Check wheel bearings at 1000 mile and grease if needed. We suggest buddy bearings for easy access.
  • When using buddy bearings jack trailer up and spin wheel when applying grease.
  • Check lighting and make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Take a trial run with the trailer loaded. Check braking distance and maneuvering.
  • You may need to repack your load several times if the trailer does not seem to handle properly. If you find a good loading position for your gear you may want to make a diagram and tape inside your trailer for future reference.
  • With today’s road conditions it is very important to check your suspension and check all welds periodically.
  • Avoid taking along extra junk. This helps to keep your trailer weight down and gives room for souvenirs, as well.
  • Check your latch. Make sure it is secure and locked if keyed.
  • Start at 20 psi. Watch for even tire wear and adjust pressure as needed.
  • Check lug nuts and general trailer inspection before each trip.


You will need a wiring tester to verify the wiring before plugging the trailer to the vehicle. This is the standard wiring information we use. Your’s may be different. Test 1st!

Starlight Trailer Honda
White Ground Green
Brown Running Lights Brown/White
Yellow Stop Light Green/Yellow
Blue Left Turn Orange
Green Right Turn Blue
Starlight Trailer Harley Davidson
White Ground Black
Brown Running Lights Blue
Yellow Stop Light Red
Blue Left Turn Blue/Purple
Green Right Turn Brown/Green
Starlight Trailer Kawasaki
White Ground Bike Frame
Brown Running Lights Red/Yellow
Yellow Stop Light Blue
Blue Left Turn Green
Green Right Turn Gray
Starlight Trailer Yamaha
White Ground Bike Frame
Brown Running Lights Blue w/White Stripe
Yellow Stop Light Yellow/Brown
Blue Left Turn Brown
Green Right Turn Green

Our trailers are wired specifically for motorcycles. We use a five (5) wire system. You do not need a converter. All lighting has been tested at the factory prior to delivery. We suggest you test all the lighting system to your female terminal (on your motorcycle) with a tester before plugging into the male terminal attached to the trailer.


It is essential the motorcycle be wired correctly before plugging into the trailer system. Incorrect wiring can blow fuses on your motorcycle. Blown fuses are an indicator of a problem. Wiring diagrams will be provided when you pick up your trailer. Check out our Wiring Code chart.

Cross the safety chains under the trailer tounge. This allows the tounge to land on top of the chains. If your coupler disconnects from the trailer ball it will land on the safety chains and will not hit the ground.